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2020-01-21 | The Return of Patient Safety Teams, Post Serialization

Change is afoot, we are entering a new phase of activity within the pharmaceutical sector. The next stage of patient protection is starting to take shape across the industry, and it is a case of going back to the future. Though, no DeLorean, TARDIS or even a hot tub time machine are needed to make this change, we are not going to have hover boards or give cousin Chuck Berry a new sound. Instead of fighting Daleks we are going to wage war on counterfeiters and grey marketeers.

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2019-12-19 | Why Systech is the Perfect Anti-Counterfeiting Solution - Video Clip

In this Packaging Europe clip from AIPIA World Congress, Systech’s Alastair Taylor talks about the value of active intelligent packaging for a truly secure supply chain. We propose our brand protection suite is actually the perfect anti-counterfeiting solution. See why.

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2019-03-13 | The Threat of the Gray Market is Real

No country is immune from the ravages of drug addiction, abuse and overdose. Last month, news broke of the rising number of deaths in Northern Ireland and the entire UK in general due to counterfeit Xanax which is indicative of this global epidemic. It doesn’t matter if a drug is legalized, prescription-only or not even for sale in a country. If there is a demand for it, it will be available by some channel. No software company, Systech included, is going to stop counterfeiters from...

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2017-11-03 | Serialisation Readiness Requires Working with Knowledgeable, Experienced Partners
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