PPMA: Ensuring Serialization Solutions are Flexible enough for Future Growth


PPMA Alastair Taylor Interview Alastair Taylor pictured with PPMA TV crew. 


Last week at the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) show in Birmingham (UK), Alastair Taylor, Director of European Sales, was interviewed by PPMA TV. If you did not attend the show, or haven’t seen the interview, here’s what you missed:

What are you showcasing at this year’s PPMA show?

Systech partners with leading pharmaceutical packaging vendors all over the world. With one of our European partners, Inno4Life, we’re demonstrating a fully-integrated pharmaceutical serialization solution to help meet Europe’s Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). Systech’s leading serialization solutions, and packaging innovation leaders like Inno4Life, deliver what leading pharmaceutical brands, CMOs, and CPOs need to ensure regulatory compliance. Both companies successfully collaborate to support the packaging and serialization needs of clients across Europe. To rapidly respond to FMD regulatory deadlines, Inno4Life’s new item serialization unit - ISU3 - is available with flexible and scalable pre-configured Systech serialization software.

Small to mid-sized European pharma companies need to comply with the European FMD but are unsure how to proceed in a timely and efficient manner. How do you enable faster time to compliance?

Systech is a proven global leader in serialization.  We pioneered it. 19 of 20 of the top pharma companies call us their solution provider.  Systech was the first regulatory-based serialization solution in the world. By leveraging a long history of success, we have created best practices that simplify implementation. We deliver pre-configured vs. customized solutions that can be deployed on new lines or retrofitted on existing ones to get our customers to compliance faster than any other provider.

In addition to a serialization solution that is compliant with current requirements, how do you ensure that your serialization solution is flexible and scalable for the future?

We collaborate with our customers from the beginning of our partnership to determine the best serialization strategy to fit their specific requirements. Our proven platform methodology is flexible and scalable and able to grow with your business needs.  Regardless of your long-term business plan, our solution is agile enough to keep you compliant. If your future holds new markets, new lines, new regions, or if regulations change, the Systech solutions will flex to meet those demands.

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