Systech and LUX Global Label – a seamless solution to combat counterfeiting

Systech technology allows manufacturers to add a digital layer of protection to their products that is impossible to counterfeit. As it is based on an already existing mark, our innovative solution is non-additive, representing substantial cost savings.

LUX Global Label is a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeves and security solutions whose customers include many of the world’s most trusted brands. In 2020, LUX initiated a highly fruitful collaboration with Systech allows brands to assign a unique digital ID to every item that is impossible to counterfeit. This innovative e-Fingerprint® technology gives every product a 100% unique identifier that can be digitally verified in real time at any point along the supply chain, ensuring unparalleled brand protection. Through an e-Fingerprint®, every product becomes connected, giving partners and consumers the ability to verify authenticity, track products and engage at any point in the supply chain.

Learn more about this success story in the video below!