The Systech DSCSA Manufacturer Strategy Guide


It’s difficult to keep up to date on all the milestones and requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).  Because the law contains 10 years’ worth of deadlines and detailed requirements for every segment of the supply chain, it’s easy to get lost and miss what your company should be working on now.  Fortunately, most companies need only focus on what is coming up next, while keeping an eye on the long-term requirements.  Toward that end, Systech has just introduced the first in a series of strategy guides for the various serialization and tracing regulations around the world.

Our strategy guides address the near-term requirements and changes that will happen in the next two years, ensuring you remain on top of relevant DSCSA regulatory obligations, without distractions and fluff.  They are concise explanations of what you should consider when meeting the next requirements.  This first guide is aimed specifically at the DSCSA and is limited to drug manufacturers.

With a limited 18-month relevance horizon, the guide provides serialization and tracing strategies for drug manufacturers already compliant with the earlier DSCSA milestones.  It also addresses considerations for drug manufacturers to help their wholesale distributers meet their own November 2019 saleable returns verification requirements.

We present strategies—ideas you that will ease your burden and ensure full compliance at the same time.  We explain just what you need to keep your eyes on right now, for the next two years.  Today we offer the Manufacturer’s DSCSA Strategy Guide.  In the next few months, watch for different guides in this series for the FMD, Brazil and other markets.  We will update these guides every 12 to 18 months so they change with the regulatory environment and always reflect what your current focus should be.  Check back regularly for updates.

Download the “Systech DSCSA 2018-2019 Manufacturer Strategy Guide” today.