2019-12-11 | Protect Yourself From Fake Products – Consumer Shopping Tips

I recently participated in a national campaign to warn consumers about the prevalence of counterfeit products—they are virtually everywhere. And more importantly, to let people know that there isn’t one failsafe method at this time to guarantee the authenticity of the products you purchase.

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2019-02-18 | What’s All the Buzz About Counterfeit Wine and Spirits?

In partnership with SafeProof.

Bootlegging alcohol didn’t get left behind in the Prohibition Era. In fact, according to a 2014 report by the World Health Organization, unregulated alcohol makes up 25% of all consumption worldwide. But what are the implications of fake alcohol? Why should everyone from consumers to manufacturers to government entities care? Let’s take a look at the facts.

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2017-04-14 | Don’t Put Your Brand and Your Customer’s Loyalty at Risk!

By Steve Tallant, Director, Product Management and Marketing

Until recently, counterfeit health and beauty products could not be verified as the actual product, or authenticated, quickly and cost-effectively. Unfortunately, counterfeiters have been able to obtain printing and imaging technologies that mimic the real thing. Furthermore, Internet-based distribution outlets have proliferated, and it is difficult to tell an e-retailer that sells legitimate products from one selling counterfeits.

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2017-03-17 | The Global Serialization Marathon

By Avi Chaudhuri, PhD, Senior Global Partner

We are currently in the middle of a regulatory marathon—one created to meet the country-by-country guidelines for drug packaging throughout Europe, USA, and several other countries. At Systech, we care about this because the technology platform of choice to accomplish regulatory compliance has been our primary focus for more than twenty years. Systech has been the global leader in serialization-based product traceability ever since the US FDA...

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2017-02-21 | Systech's Anti-Counterfeiting Solution Cited by Packaging World

UniSecure™ Leads the Charge to Protect Products Along the Supply Chain

Whether due to outright theft, counterfeiting, or diversion of products, those individuals responsible for brand protection have to be on high alert. These issues are costing manufacturers of food, drugs, consumer products, and medical devices across the U.S. up to $30 billion annually, according to the FBI, as referenced in the article.

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