2023-05-30 | Delivering Trust and Transparency: Supply Chain Traceability for Medical Products and Supplies

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of a resilient and transparent supply chain for medical devices and supplies has become glaringly evident. The ability to track and trace the entire journey of these critical items is vital not only for ensuring quality and safety but also for combating counterfeit products and optimizing distribution efficiency. Over the past three years, we have seen rampant counterfeiting of essential medical products like Personal Protective Equipment...

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2020-09-15 | FDA 2020 UDI Deadline. Enforcement Postponed for Class I Medical Device

Updated Sept 24 2020.

As of September 24, 2020 Class I medical devices needed to meet the FDA’s Unique Device Identification Final Rule. However, that date was postponed by the FDA in July with the publication of a new Policy Guideline document. That means the FDA will not begin enforcing the UDA Final Rule on these devices until September 24, 2022. By this new date, 

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2020-05-12 | Protecting Healthcare Workers from Counterfeit PPE


Crime has no moral code. If you have a high-demand product, people will likely counterfeit it. Itcomes as no surprise that during this time of pandemic, counterfeiters are targeting everythingfrom hand sanitizer to test kits. (In 2020 I blogged about counterfeit COVID test kits and counterfeit COVID vaccines.) 

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2020-03-17 | Coronavirus Tests – A Counterfeiter’s Dream

I have written and spoken about global counterfeiting issues many times. Pretty much in every single one, I’ve said something like “if you have a successful product, it will be counterfeited.” Illicit counterfeit rings have infiltrated pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, cosmetics, fragrances, automobile parts, aircraft parts, clothing, footwear, wine, spirits and more. The riches and rewards from producing and distributing counterfeit products in most cases far outweigh the penalties of getting...

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