2018-06-29 | Blockchain : Insanity or Genius?

Vincent Willem van Gogh is remembered as the quintessential tragic artist, having been relatively unsuccessful during his life and plagued by mental illness. While staring at the gardens out the window of the Saint-Paul asylum, could van Gogh even begin to comprehend the idea that some of his final works would be among his most famous and fetch prices upwards of $80M at auction? Could he even understand that his life, his techniques and body of work would be studied and treasured? Could he...

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2018-04-06 | Serialization and Line Validation – the Impacts

One of the often-forgotten facets of a pharmaceutical serialization project is the requirement to revalidate the packaging line and process during implementation.  If companies need to purchase and implement new equipment to accommodate serialization, revalidation is expected.  But, like many companies, if retrofitting of existing equipment takes place, validation may not be thought of early enough in the project.  In either case, you may end up in a rush to write and execute several protocols...

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2018-03-23 | Blockchain is here, real, and ready for the Pharmaceutical supply chain

Blockchain, as a ­technology, has the potential to redefine how business is conducted. Its capacity to be a trusted and secure digital record or ledger has significant real-world applicability.  Many different industries are ripe for disruption including any industry involved in supply chain operations.  One industry that looks prime for the adoption of blockchain is pharmaceuticals.

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2017-10-20 | The Lexicon of Serialization: Terms You Need to Know


Serialization forms the new basis for the ongoing effort to secure the supply chain—most significantly the pharmaceutical supply chain, but also increasingly in other sectors. However, it is only the foundation on which other technologies are built to add this sought-after security. Serialization goes far beyond placing a number on a box.  These associated technologies, and the terms used to describe them, are explained here.

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2017-04-21 | Our View: Strengthening Supply Chain through Standardization

 Pharmaceutical serialization has been around since 2005, with Systech being the first vendor to deliver a solution. The market has grown, and international standards are still varied and complex. Implementations and data constructs vary from vendor to vendor. These factors provide several challenges to businesses' supply chains.



Efforts are underway to help standardize.

On April 13, 2017, Automation World Senior Editor, Stephanie Neil wrote an article “Strengthening Supply Chain.”  This...

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2017-04-18 | Serialization Total Cost of Ownership: What You May Be Missing When Evaluating Serialization Partners

By Stephen Lisa 

When implementing serialization, drug manufacturers and contract packagers need to be mindful of the complete costs. Serialization should be viewed as an enterprise solution, rather than a series of isolated local plant or packing line decisions. The initial costs include the direct costs of software, hardware, systems integrations and validation. Often underestimated, however, are the impact that serialization has on an existing IT infrastructure and the integration costs...

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